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ZSY series hardened cylindrical gear reducer

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ZSY series hardened cylindrical gear reducer

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  ZSY cylindrical gear reducer includes: ZSY160, ZSY180, ZSY200, ZSY224, ZSY250, ZSY280, ZSY315, ZSY355, ZSY400, ZSY450, ZSY500, ZSY560, ZSY630, ZSY710.

Hard tooth surface reducers mainly include parallel shaft series and vertical shaft series. Parallel shaft reducers are produced in accordance with national standards (GB1904-88). The products are optimized and designed to meet the international advanced level in the 1980s. It mainly includes ZDY (single Four series, ZLY (two-level), ZSY (three-level) and ZFY (four-level), the vertical shaft reducer is produced according to the national standard (JB/T9002-1999), used for the input shaft and the output shaft are perpendicular Directional transmission device, it mainly includes three series of DBY, DCY and DFY.

Performance characteristics

  (1) The main parameters such as center distance and nominal transmission ratio have been optimized and designed, and the main parts and components have good interchangeability.

  (2) The gears of the ZSY cylindrical gear reducer are made of high-quality alloy steel after carburizing, quenching, and the hardness of the tooth surface reaches HRC54-62.

  (3) Small size, light weight, high precision, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, stable transmission and low noise.

  (4) Generally, oil pool is used for lubrication and natural cooling. When the thermal power cannot be satisfied, circulating oil lubrication or fan and cooling coil cooling can be used.

Selection method

   1. Known parameters and conditions

  The name of the prime mover, power P1= kW speed n1=r/min

  Working machine name. Power P2= kW Rotation speed n2=r/min

  Required transmission ratio i=n1/n2

   Working hours per day h, starting times per hour, operating cycle per hour %, load characteristics (stable, shock, severe shock), reliability requirements (normal, high, high)

  2, select the specifications and models according to the rated power

The nominal input power PA (table 9-20) of the equal shaft series gearbox is stable according to the load, the daily working time is less than or equal to 10h, and no more than 5 starts per hour. The allowable starting torque is twice the working torque, one-way In operation, the contact strength safety factor of a single pair of gears is about 1, and the failure rate probability is less than or equal to 1%. When the gearbox is running in both directions, it is necessary to multiply PN by a factor of 0.8-1.0 depending on the situation. When the reverse load is large, the commutation is frequent, and the selected reliability factor KR is low, the factor should be smaller, and vice versa. .

  The rated power of the selected gearbox must meet: Pc=P2KAKsKR≤PA


  Pc=calculated power

  P2=Working machine power KA—use factor

Scope of application

  (1) The input speed is generally n, ≤1500r/min

   (2) The peripheral speed of gear transmission is not more than 20 m/s.

  (3) Working environment—40~50℃. If it is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃ before starting. This reducer can be used for forward and reverse rotation.

  (4) It can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, lifting, transportation, textiles, papermaking, instruments, plastics, rubber, engineering machinery, energy and other industrial sectors.

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