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ZLYJ series hard tooth surface extruder reducer

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ZLYJ series hard tooth surface extruder reducer

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I. Overview

ZLYJ series reducer is a high-precision hard-toothed gear transmission with thrust package designed for plastic and rubber stacking rod extruders. The product design refers to the various technical specifications stipulated in JB/T8853- -2001 "Cylinder Gear Reducer". Its characteristic is that the gears and shaft parts are made of high-strength alloy steel. The gears are processed by carburizing, quenching, and gear grinding. Gear accuracy is GB10095- -88, level 6. Gear thickness HRC54~-62. A large-size thrust bearing is arranged at the front end of the hollow output shaft to withstand the axial thrust of the screw when it is working. The whole machine has the characteristics of small size, high carrying capacity, balanced transmission, low noise and high efficiency.

E. Scope of application)

1. The transmission speed of the high-speed shaft is not more than 1500 rpm

2. The peripheral speed of the gear drive is not more than 20 m/s

3. The working environment temperature is -40~-45C. If it is lower than 0C, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0C before starting. This reducer can be used to run in both forward and reverse directions, but some models tell the shaft to have a one-way oil pump , The default direction is: facing the output shaft, the output shaft rotates clockwise. If the direction changes, please specify when ordering.

Three, reducer code and logo

In the code name of the reducer, it includes the model, the center distance of the output stage, the nominal transmission ratio, and the assembly type.

Four, reducer selection

The selection of ZLYJ reducer must check mechanical power, axial thrust and thermal efficiency. The detailed steps are as follows:

Selection speed ratio (table 1)

Input speed n1=1000rpm, output speed n2=70rpm

i=n1/n2=1000/70=14.28 select speed ratio as 14

Choose the model according to the input power and output speed provided by the user.

Select the specifications of the reducer (table 1)

Input power P=26kW

Look up the table, 29kW> 26kW, and the most economical, choose ZLYJ200

Select the device form of the reducer

Choose the assembly form of the reducer according to the user's installation method

Fa=π X ds2X PS/(4X1000)

Calculate the axial thrust

Screw diameter: ds=75mm Screw pressure: PS=26MPa

Thrust Fa=πX 752X26/(4X1000) = 11. 4kN

187kN> 114.8kN, ZLYJ200 can bear this axial thrust.

Determine the size of the connection

1. Check the hole diameter, key width or spline parameters, and shaft hole depth of the hollow output shaft.

2. Check the size of the foot mounting hole and the size of the threaded hole of the thrust package.

Determine the cooling method

Small size reducers generally adopt splash lubrication and natural cooling. Large size reducer

Adopt forced lubrication and cooling machine cooling, if the user requirements exceed the attached table configuration, it must be declared when ordering.

We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table


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