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Electric drum application environment

There are three common applications for electric drums: ordinary, corrosive and flammable and explosive. If subdivided, there are high temperature, humid tropical zone and some special use occasions, but the number of electric drums used in these occasions is not large, and they are generally only produced as non-standard electric drums. Commonly used are: TDY75 oil-cooled electric drum, DY1, JYD mobile electric drum, YZ cycloidal pinwheel electric drum, TJ oil-immersed electric drum YD oil-cooled electric drum YZW external-mounted electric drum TZDT series electric drum FXT air-cooled electric drum YDN, JDT type oil-cooled and oil-immersed electric drum, automatic adjustment and deviation prevention electric drum WXT, WXN electric drum YDY1, JDY1 oil-cooled oil-immersed electric drum JYD oil-cooled electric drum QYD type oil-cooled electric drum SPJ reversing drum group YZ type oil-cooled, oil-immersed cycloid electric drum WD (Ⅱ) externally mounted reduction drum TZDG series precision light electric drum (electric stick) YDJD type speed regulating electric drum YTH-type external reduction drum YBN, JBT-type oil-cooled oil-immersed electric drum YT-type oil-immersed electric drum YHTL type electric roller table drum W (X, B, D) T, W (X, B, D) N type exterior drum YDB type explosion-proof oil-cooled electric drum WZ type external electric drum TMF new type conveying mechanical drive system WBT2000 series cycloid pin wheel motor external electric drum BYD type cycloidal pin wheel oil-cooled electric drum
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Electric drum application environment
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